What should I do before I arrive for a spray tan?

Shower and exfoliate your entire body, and shave at least a few hours before the tan – but preferably the night before. Moisturize skin with a sunless tanning lotion, which will not only even out the spray and balance your skin's alkalinity, but also make the color richer and longer lasting. Do not apply your normal lotions the day of your tanning appointment.


How long does it take for a tan to develop?

About 6 hours. Try not to wash your hands for an hour or so, or get any water on your body (including sweat!) during that six hours, so the tan comes out even.


When can I shower?

For best results, wait 12 hours before showering. The longer you keep on the spray tan, the more it will continue to develop. Be sure not to use an exfoliant or loofah for a few days to extend your spray tan.


I need a tan NOW. What can you do?

Many of our celebrity clients fly in for events, come straight to us for a tan, and then immediately hit the red carpet. Getting a custom airbrush session allows us to give you a dark glowing and custom tan in seconds, thanks to our patented Bronzed formula. We also offer contouring, if you'd like to make certain muscles look extra defined.


Will the tanning formula get on my clothes?

If you choose the clear spray, there won’t be any staining. If you choose the spray with added bronzer tint, the color may rub off a little due to movement, sweating or exposure to water. The Versa spray booth does several air-drying sessions, so just make sure the liquid is fully dry to the touch before putting on clothing. Dark garments are best, but the color comes out of most fabrics in the wash, using your typical detergent.


Can I go about my normal activities after getting a spray tan?

For the most part, yes, as long as you avoid anything involving water. Sweating due to activity or working out will likely cause streaks and an uneven tan, so this is not recommended until after it has developed.


Is it safe to get more than one spray tan in a week?

Yes, but it’s not recommended. Sunless tanning sessions layered on top of each other will end up flaking off unnaturally because of your skin’s natural exfoliation cycle. An ideal sunless tanning schedule is once a week.


I am nervous about turning orange or looking really fake. How can I get a natural look?

We’ve come a long way since the 1990s! For first-timers or anyone with these concerns, it’s best to book a custom airbrush spray tan session. Your spray tan artist consults with you on your desired look and shade and will then blend a formula based off of that. We have done everything from the lightest glow to an ultra-dark bronze. These airbrush sessions guarantee more personal results than a spray tan booth, which has strictly light, medium, and dark options.


What is DHA?

DHA acts as the main active ingredient in most sunless tanning products. It’s a natural plant derivative that interacts with skin’s top layer, changing the tint.


Will the sunless tanning formula stain my hair?

No. Guests wear disposable hairnets during both Versa spray booth sessions, as well as custom airbrush, so the formula doesn’t even touch your hair. If it does, no staining will occur. If your neighborhood salon doesn't use these, we sell packs of 100.


Any tips for prolonging my spray tan?

Don’t take baths or use any products or formulas that can strip skin, including exfoliates, scrubs, alcohols, toners, lotions, and harsh soaps such as Dove. Swimming pools, spas, and Jacuzzis won’t strip a spray tan, but it may fade faster, so avoid them if possible.