About Bronzed

Industry Nails LLC distributor

Capturing Your Natural Beauty with Spray Tan

Welcome to Vegas! I'm Terry, the man behind the beautiful glow of Sin City's entertainers, celebrities, socialites, and just about any local whose tan you admire when you get off the plane. I treat every spray tan like it is a unique piece of art, using little tricks that I've learned over the years. My approach is very natural, yet makes every client feel like a million dollars. I learned very early on to listen to each and every one, and give them exactly what they want - from the barely sun-kissed to the ultra-sexy. 

I come from a theater background, and I developed my custom-blended SprayBoy Tan product after years performing on the Las Vegas Strip stage. There, I learned that everyone looks better with a tan! I quit performing and spent a year in mad scientist-worthy exile, concocting the perfect solution for smooth, long-lasting color. Then I spent more than a decade tweaking and learning while running Bronzed tanning salon, right off the Strip. In addition to spraying the biggest celebrities who come to Vegas for performances and red carpet events, my clients include entertainers, socialites, magazine editors - and spray tanners from around the world. Everybody visits Vegas!

I started to get more and more requests from new friends wanting to take product home. Who am I to say no? 

Stay awhile - and say hi! I designed this site as a resource for all things tan. Get comfortable, check out the blog, send questions, share opinions...

Looking forward to getting to know you and sending you off with the perfect glow!