Meet Terry: the Man Behind the Gun February 04 2014

With my friend Angel Porrino


Las Vegas is the spray tanning capital of the world. Under the blazing sun, we like perfect, absolutely perfect, bikini bodies in summer, and bare legs year-round. Not to mention the hundreds of performers and dancers of all kinds who rely on flawless color for the stage... The glitz, the glam, the tan!

And anybody who's anybody on the Las Vegas Strip comes to me for their perfect skin color! It's easy to arrive in Vegas and think everyone looks "perfect."

I have the secret -- a tan from me!

Clowning around with Coco Austin


I have a 25-year history in both the entertainment and beauty industries in Las Vegas, from dancing on the Strip stage to perfecting manicures and other treatments. But nine years ago, I became obsessed with finding the secret to a flawless spray tan. I spent a year in mad scientist-worthy experimentation and then opened my tanning salon Bronzed, armed with my perfected custom-blend formula that is now in demand around the globe.

These days, I regularly spray stars such as Holly Madison, Chrissy Teigen Coco, and Angel Porrino, as well as local news anchors, socialite magazine editors, local celebrities, and Strip performers -- anyone who's in the spotlight in Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World.

In the meantime, I became the go-to guy for the rich and famous in Vegas, which attracts all kinds of luminaries who come to town for the biggest parties, magazine photo shoots, nationally televised awards shows, and the filming of reality TV programs. Bronzed has become a hub of the rich and famous, all congregating for the perfect glow.

All of these people would come in and see me -- then ask me how to take their tan home.

And now you can!

Welcome to SprayBoy Tan! Don't be a stranger!


 Holly Madison and me

The glitz, the glam, the tan... Only in Vegas!