SI Model Chrissy Teigen Talks About Her 3AM Spray Tanning With Me February 04 2014

I love the glitz and glam of Vegas, from spray tanning models for a Vegas magazine fashion shoot, to spraying celebrities for big events. But a recent visit with smoking hot model Chrissy Teigen takes the cake when it comes to laughter!

Celebuzz recently caught up with the hilarious 26-year-old beauty (who just got engaged to Grammy-winner John Legend) at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas as she celebrated SI’s 49th annual swimsuit issue. She talked about her engagement, and also mentioned spray tanning with our very own Sprayboy!!

We were told we need to ask you about your 3 AM spray tans.
Oh my god, I landed at two, and I texted my spray tan guy, who I found only because I tweeted and was like, “Who is amazing in Vegas?” They all told me this one guy, Terry, who is absolutely fabulous. I texted him as soon as I landed at two and was like, “I’m so sorry, do you think you could do a tan at 2:30?” and I felt terrible. And he responded, “3 AM is better for me.” Because that is how Vegas operates! I couldn’t believe it!

I absolutely loved working with Chrissy! She is as funny in person as she is in her no-filter-here Twitter account, and a real joy to be around -- no matter how late it gets, or how tired she must be. If anyone can hang on an all-day swimsuit for a magazine like Sports Illustrated, it's her. We bet everyone on set falls in love!

And I thought her final look was smoking hot. Judging by her carefree personality, I'm sure it was an amazing night at the nightclub. John, you're a lucky guy!

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