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Tanning tips #3 October 09 2014

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Tanning tip #1 October 09 2014

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exfoliation is the key October 08 2014

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Mitts buy them and use them October 08 2014

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Fun Video August 31 2014

On location: Pink Doll's sexy swimwear shoot at Bronzed March 25 2014

I've spray-tanned many a girl with the perfect glow so she could slink into a gorgeous Pink Doll bikini. So I was thrilled when they asked to do a full photo shoot on location at Bronzed! The Vegas-based company makes gorgeous handmade (yes, every suit is made by hand) swimsuits and fit girl apparel. Check out their only-in-Vegas Crystalkinis to see some of the Bronzed shoot at work!


Our photo shoot started after we closed for the night, at 11 pm, with the gorgeous model heading straight to the back for a custom spray tan, of course. Then we got to show off Pink Doll's stunning suits, using the dramatic décor of Bronzed as the backdrop.


We shot five bikinis – each one with a bit of Vegas sparkle on a shiny material. The bottoms were teensy tiny, with intricate adornments. The tops? The classic string triangle, with coordinating crystals and jewelry-like accessories. The whole collection is feminine and sexy, in colors such as pink, purple, and ice blue.

We didn't finish until 3 am. The model was a trooper!


I’ve grown close to Pink Doll designer/owner Lisa Lorenz, herself a gorgeous blond who could model any of her own teensy bikinis. She started selling her inventive designs in 2001 and was determined to make unique suits that represented the glitz and glam of Sin City. Expect fun patterns, look-at-me materials, girly adornments, and sexy detailing.


And since the bikinis are handmade, every single one is a limited edition or one-of-a-kind.

Like any tourism-driven city, Las Vegas has a community of locals that is fiercely loyal to each other. I love getting to know other Sin City-based entrepreneurs. And Lisa is a stand-out among our local stars!


I’ve included some of the shots here, and the rest can be found on Pink Doll’s home page and Crystalkinis page.


Lisa and I would love to know what you think!

Pre-tan: Scrub, Scrub, Scrub! February 04 2014

Everyone deserves to have a smooth, natural-looking tan!

I tell every one of our customers (including Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teigen and all of my other celebrity clients) to exfoliate before their spray tanning appointment. It’s the single-easiest way to prolong your tan and make your glow natural looking and gorgeous.

Think about it. You've seen and cringed a bit when color sticks in a bad way to a rough patch of skin, on someone’s elbows or heels. See, the smoother the skin, the smoother the tan!

The day of your spray tan appointment, lightly exfoliate your whole body with a nice scrub while in the shower. I like Kiehl’s (available here in Vegas at the Forum Shops, near the Joe’s Stone Crab entrance), which offers a gentle scrub in coriander (great for men, too), grapefruit, and lavender. When shopping, a practical rule of thumb is, less fragrance the better. And try to steer clear of anything with mineral oil.

Pay special attention to dry areas, but otherwise, just scrub away. You’ll be so glad you did. After your shower, try not to put a lot of lotion on. (Remember those elbows and heels -- color loves to stick to dry skin! We just want to make sure it's done in the right way.) But you don't want ashy skin either, or you'll end up uneven. So if you tend to be really dry, apply a light lotion, nothing oily or with shea butter. We love Cetaphil, available at almost any drug store.

Right before your appointment? Take off all makeup, to make sure your face gets nice and tan. You already wash it more than other parts of your body, so it has enough to overcome regarding keeping the tan longer.  Our secret weapon? Face Mate, by Australian Gold.

Then stroll into your appointment with confidence. You’re ready!

Meet Terry: the Man Behind the Gun February 04 2014

With my friend Angel Porrino


Las Vegas is the spray tanning capital of the world. Under the blazing sun, we like perfect, absolutely perfect, bikini bodies in summer, and bare legs year-round. Not to mention the hundreds of performers and dancers of all kinds who rely on flawless color for the stage... The glitz, the glam, the tan!

And anybody who's anybody on the Las Vegas Strip comes to me for their perfect skin color! It's easy to arrive in Vegas and think everyone looks "perfect."

I have the secret -- a tan from me!

Clowning around with Coco Austin


I have a 25-year history in both the entertainment and beauty industries in Las Vegas, from dancing on the Strip stage to perfecting manicures and other treatments. But nine years ago, I became obsessed with finding the secret to a flawless spray tan. I spent a year in mad scientist-worthy experimentation and then opened my tanning salon Bronzed, armed with my perfected custom-blend formula that is now in demand around the globe.

These days, I regularly spray stars such as Holly Madison, Chrissy Teigen Coco, and Angel Porrino, as well as local news anchors, socialite magazine editors, local celebrities, and Strip performers -- anyone who's in the spotlight in Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World.

In the meantime, I became the go-to guy for the rich and famous in Vegas, which attracts all kinds of luminaries who come to town for the biggest parties, magazine photo shoots, nationally televised awards shows, and the filming of reality TV programs. Bronzed has become a hub of the rich and famous, all congregating for the perfect glow.

All of these people would come in and see me -- then ask me how to take their tan home.

And now you can!

Welcome to SprayBoy Tan! Don't be a stranger!


 Holly Madison and me

The glitz, the glam, the tan... Only in Vegas!

SI Model Chrissy Teigen Talks About Her 3AM Spray Tanning With Me February 04 2014

I love the glitz and glam of Vegas, from spray tanning models for a Vegas magazine fashion shoot, to spraying celebrities for big events. But a recent visit with smoking hot model Chrissy Teigen takes the cake when it comes to laughter!

Celebuzz recently caught up with the hilarious 26-year-old beauty (who just got engaged to Grammy-winner John Legend) at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas as she celebrated SI’s 49th annual swimsuit issue. She talked about her engagement, and also mentioned spray tanning with our very own Sprayboy!!

We were told we need to ask you about your 3 AM spray tans.
Oh my god, I landed at two, and I texted my spray tan guy, who I found only because I tweeted and was like, “Who is amazing in Vegas?” They all told me this one guy, Terry, who is absolutely fabulous. I texted him as soon as I landed at two and was like, “I’m so sorry, do you think you could do a tan at 2:30?” and I felt terrible. And he responded, “3 AM is better for me.” Because that is how Vegas operates! I couldn’t believe it!

I absolutely loved working with Chrissy! She is as funny in person as she is in her no-filter-here Twitter account, and a real joy to be around -- no matter how late it gets, or how tired she must be. If anyone can hang on an all-day swimsuit for a magazine like Sports Illustrated, it's her. We bet everyone on set falls in love!

And I thought her final look was smoking hot. Judging by her carefree personality, I'm sure it was an amazing night at the nightclub. John, you're a lucky guy!

You can read the full article on Celebuzz's website: Chrissy Teigen Talks Wedding